amy schumer, inside amy schumer, comedy central, season 4, promo, overexposedAmy Schumer has been ubiquitous lately, writing and starring in the hit movie "Trainwreck," collecting an armful of awards for her Comedy Central show "Inside Amy Schumer," hanging out with her new BFF Jennifer Lawrence, and landing a massive book deal. In a word, Schumer's been, well, overexposed, and that's the grim diagnosis the comedian receives in the hilarious new promo for the upcoming fourth season of "Inside Amy Schumer."

The clip features Schumer seeking medical attention for the affliction, and her doctor tells her she must cut out all magazine mentions, Instagram photos, late night talk show appearances, and podcast interviews in order to cure herself. But the best treatment for her overexposure?

"Do not go back to your basic cable TV show," the doctor warns her.

"No can do, doc," Schumer replies. "I've gotta follow my heart, keep exposing myself."

We wouldn't have it any other way.

Check out the clip above. "Inside Amy Schumer" returns for season four on April 21 on Comedy Central.

Photo credit: Comedy Central

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