EXCLUSICE: Clip - "I Saw The Light"
Hank Williams became a legend for his piercing voice, catchy tunes, and charming swagger, but as this exclusive clip from the new biopic "I Saw the Light" shows, he could wheel and deal, too.

Hank (Tom Hiddleston) and his producer, Fred (Bradley Whitford), meet with a movie mogul to discuss the possibility of the singer joining the cast of "Small Town Girl," starring Farley Granger and Jane Powell.

That's exciting news to the two men. "My wife loves Jane Powell!" Fred exclaims.

But there's one small hitch: Money. When the mogul lays out the terms of the deal -- four weeks, $4,500 a week -- Hank isn't thrilled. He thinks he's worth a lot more than that.

"I Saw the Light" traces Hank's journey through his meteoric rise to the top of country music, all while he struggles with inner demons, alcoholism, and marriage problems with wife Audrey (Elizabeth Olsen). The movie opens in theaters this Friday.I Saw the LightWant more stuff like this? Like us on Facebook.

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I Saw the Light
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