Sometimes it's fun to watch painfully bad games of "Catchphrase" on "The Tonight Show," but it's also kind of a rush to see experts in action. Last night, Saoirse Ronan and Don Cheadle were those experts. The struggle was NOT real for either of them.

The actors brought their A-games against each other -- the Irish actress (who had a broken finger) was paired with Jimmy Fallon, and the American actor worked with Steve Higgins. Saoirse and Jimmy only lost their rhythm a couple of times, and it wouldn't have mattered in a less competitive match. Seriously, though, some of the clues weren't that great, but it was like the pairs had their minds connected -- like the Borg in "Star Trek." Resistance was futile!

Watch and see:

Gotta love the "Boom!" Don Cheadle yells after each successful guess. He was on the show to promote his new movie "Miles Ahead," and the charming Irish lass talked about making her debut on Broadway in "The Crucible."

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