Has "Jimmy Kimmel Live," illustrating the skills he picked up playing American icon Hank Williams in "I Saw the Light."

As the brave actor put it, "There comes a time in a man's life when he's called upon to yodel." Truth.

The Bond discussion came first, after Kimmel asked Hiddleston about his role in "The Night Manager." The "Avengers" star had previously said he would embrace the opportunity to play Bond, but on "Jimmy Kimmel Live" he hedged a bit, saying discussion on the next Bond is a national pastime in England. It sounded like he was saying every British actor gets asked about it in every interview, and we shouldn't read anything into it. Kimmel asked a good question -- whether Hiddleston thought there would ever be an American Bond, since there's a British Superman, and a British Hank Williams right in front of him. Basically, Jimmy was trying to get himself cast, but it's a fair point to keep in mind.

Then the discussion turned fully to Hiddleston's research to play Hank Williams, with the actor noting, "I can yodel now." Kimmel pushed him to demonstrate, so head to around the 3 minute mark of this video to watch Hiddleston yodeling part of "Long Gone Lonesome Blues."

His cute little smile after yodeling really sells the whole thing.

"I Saw the Light" opens this Friday, March 25.

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