David Letterman is now facing "Bald Santa" jokes when all he wanted to do was relax in St. Barts. The former late night host was photographed jogging in the Caribbean, and the photos spread across a shocked Internet.

Yeah, he's bald now, and has a beard, but he hasn't really let himself go, since he's out exercising. But even saying that much seems like body-shaming -- and of the most unexpected target. It's David Letterman!

It looks like paparazzi are now following him around, to share more surprising transformation photos:

Of course he's grumpy! Dave barely tolerated the guests on his own show, never mind cameras stalking him on vacation.

Letterman just retired from "The Late Show" in May 2015, so it has only been about a year since he looked like he does in the top photo. Now he's trending on Twitter as fans marvel at his new look, make jokes, and occasionally tell others to stop making jokes.

As a dry-witted comedian, Letterman would surely understand why he's the source of fascination -- he might even make fun of himself if he still had a TV show. Sadly for us, he's no longer on TV. Sadly for him, fans won't leave him alone anyway.

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