negan, the walking dead, season 6, finale, promo, teaser, jeffrey dean morganThere's still one more episode of "The Walking Dead" left before the season six finale, but we already have our first glimpse at the installment thanks to a new promo, which also offers fans their first look at notorious villain Negan.

Of course, it's a fleeting one, and we only see his back, but we do hear his voice, and there's also a close-up of his trusty barb wire-covered baseball bat, Lucille.

"Hi," actor Jeffrey Dean Morgan says in voiceover, as Negan's hulking, leather jacket-clad frame looms in front of the camera, and he clutches Lucille menacingly. "I'm Negan."

Those words should send shivers down the spine of faithful "Walking Dead" comic fans, who already know all about the foul-mouthed villain (and just what he will do with Lucille, and how that will affect a key member of Rick's crew). For the uninitiated, it's still an imposing introduction -- from everything we've seen so far this season, we know that this guy is bad news, and he's surely out for revenge now that Rick and co. have killed so many of his people.

The promo also offers some clues about how certain storylines that have been brewing all season will come to a head, namely the showdown between Carol and Morgan over their warring beliefs about killing. Carol took off at the end of last week's episode; could Morgan, seen in this clip riding a horse, be coming after her? There's a quick shot of Carol's trusty rosary in the promo, so we know she'll figure some way into the proceedings.

Rick's simmering tension with the Saviors will boil over in a big way, as they create yet another roadblock (seriously, they may be the best road-blockers in the entire apocalypse), and defiantly tell the constable that they don't negotiate. That can only lead to some dark developments once Rick meets Negan.

The season six finale of "The Walking Dead" -- which will be a supersized 90-minute episode -- airs on Sunday, April 3.

Photo credit: YouTube