Jimmy Kimmel is known for having celebrities read mean tweets about themselves on "Jimmy Kimmel Live," and last night he was that celebrity.

Jimmy said every time they have a presidential candidate on the show, non-supporters of that candidate blast him on social media, vowing to never watch him again. Jimmy read the Facebook posts they got after having Donald Trump, Bernie Sanders, and Hillary Clinton on the show. "Even my own uncle, my godfather even, castigated me on Facebook last week for having Hillary Clinton on. He said I embarrassed the family. As if I haven't embarrassed the family a million times before!"

Since Ted Cruz was a guest on the show last night, Jimmy said he was sure they'd "get another big furious reaction" to his appearance. "If half of everyone hates me when a Republican is on, and half of everyone hates me when a Democrat is on, it adds up to everyone hates me, right?"

Poor Jimmy. No, not everyone hates you. But why does he have politicians on the show, when he knows it causes a near-riot every time? As he argued, "To me, in order to decide who we should vote for, I think it's a good idea to listen to what all the main people running have to say."

And with such a loose, informal setting, and less react-to-the-headlines questions than you get on CNN and Fox News, Jimmy gets the politicians to show different sides of themselves. Maybe it doesn't effect anyone's votes at all, but at least we see them as more than talking heads on cable networks or standing at podiums surrounded by adoring supporters.

Here's Jimmy asking Sen. Cruz a bunch of random questions he never gets asked elsewhere, like about "Star Wars," his first concert, and who he likes better, Obama or Trump:

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