Witty is coming! "Saturday Night Live" for the first time on April 2, with Gwen Stefani as musical guest. Dinklage plays brilliant badass Tyrion Lannister on "Game of Thrones," which is launching its sixth season on April 24, and you can see the Emmy winner bring his sardonic humor to these SNL promos.

The series of clips just follow Peter and Cecily Strong looking out the window of the NYC building.

Check 'em out:

In the first clip, they note that it's a nice day outside. You know what spring means? Peter stares into the camera: "Summer is coming." But he and Cecily agree that it's not quite as scary as "Winter is coming," and Peter barely even attempts "Autumn is coming" before giving up.

In a more flirtatious promo, Cecily says the flags outside are very beautiful. Peter looks in her eyes and agrees. "They are very beautiful. You know what?" He takes her hand; she giggles. "They're almost as beautiful as ... Gwen Stefani. She is so fine. She's been, like, fine since the '90s." Jealous Cecily starts singing, "Don't speak..." until Peter sings, "Don't sing!"

Perhaps the best one is when they stare outside for a while, then suddenly realize it's NOT a movie screen, it's a window. "So this is not 'Superman v Batman'?" Then again, the last one is pretty great, too, with Cecily saying Peter may be shocked to hear it, but she's a "total" nerd, asking him, "You play Tyrone on Game of Thorns. How has that been for the past 10 years?" Peter bugs his eyes out in a classic "are you kidding me" face, then replies, deadpan, "Wonderful."

So far, so good, at least from here. Will you be watching the show this Saturday?

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