Star Wars Rey"Star Wars: The Force Awakens" pulled off the seemingly impossible feat of pleasing (most) fans while raking in tons (and tons) of money. But it's not immune to some criticism, so of course, the folks at Screen Junkies had to take on the movie with their latest Honest Trailer.

The trailer is particularly snarky about how "The Force Awakens" turned out well, only by "shamelessly remaking 'A New Hope.'" There's the "desert orphan finding a cute droid with top-secret information," who escapes on the Millennium Falcon, gets advice from a tiny alien, and watches her mentor get killed by a man in black. OK, OK, so there are some similarities ...

The trailer also pokes fun at Rey being good at everything from languages to piloting to mechanics to light-saber duels.

But the best part is that the Screen Junkies bring back the old voice of the Honest Trailers to duke it out with the new voice.

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