"Deadpool," aka the highest-grossing R-rated movie of all time, can come home with you on May 10.

Even before the film came out in theaters, the stars were talking up raunchy jokes and scenes that didn't quite make the cut and may show up on DVD/Blu-ray. Over the weekend, MTV News debuted one of the deleted scenes we'll see in the bonus materials, showing 's Wade Wilson in an extended version of his superhero training.

The sexy mothaf--ker's montage includes him pleasuring himself, saving a cat, taking down bad guys, working on his Advent calendar, hanging out at the bar, jerking off a bit more, etc.

Warning: NSFW (Having trouble? Watch the deleted scene over on MTV.com.)

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There's a lot more ahead in the DVD/Blu-ray release. As Reynolds teased on Instagram, "This thing's gonna have more extras than a battle scene from Lawrence of Arabia. Including never before seen footage of my own birth."

The "Deadpool" star was just at the MTV Movie Awards over the weekend, where he got his own special "Shoop" opening from Salt-N-Pepper, and picked up wins for Best Comedic Performance and Best Fight, with Ed Skrein. Ry-guy walked away a happy man:

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