Secret Life of PetsWho let the dogs out? In "The Secret Life of Pets," they did it themselves!

A new, full-length trailer for the animated movie features the same cheeky humor as the teaser trailer, but lays out a bit more of the story. Max (voice of Louis C.K.) is a happy-go-lucky dog living in New York City whose world is turned upside down when his owner brings in a new "brother," a gigantic, slobbering mutt named Duke (Eric Stonestreet).

When Max tries to sabotage Duke and get him kicked out of the apartment, his plan backfires, and both dogs are taken by animal control. It's up to Max's friends, including a conniving bunny (Kevin Hart), to rescue them. The trailer is cute and fun, with a lot of gentle humor about how pets behave when their owners aren't watching.

"The Secret Life of Pets" opens in theaters July 8.

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