"All We Had" Premiere - 2016 Tribeca Film FestivalThe drama continues at "Live! With Kelly and Michael," as Good Morning America."

Ripa is allegedly angry that Strahan decided to depart "Live" without telling her first, leaving the hostess to find out with the rest of the world that she'd be without a partner soon. Since the news broke on Tuesday, Ripa has not returned to "Live," with Ana Gasteyer filling in on Wednesday, and Fox Sports analyst and "Dancing With the Stars" host Erin Andrews taking the chair on Thursday and Friday.

Ripa had apparently already scheduled a long weekend vacation to celebrate her 20th anniversary with husband Mark Consuelos, and had planned to be absent Friday and Monday before the drama unfolded this week. "Pretty Little Liars" actress Shay Mitchell will fill in for Ripa on Monday.

But it's unclear if Ripa will return next Tuesday, and according to a new report from Page Six, her relationship with Strahan was allegedly already on the rocks. The tabloid's sources say that the co-hosts "did not get along. It was all for the show. They could not stand each other, and whenever they communicated off-camera, it was always through their reps."

The source added that Ripa is especially angry about the the current situation because "She got [Strahan] started, [and] he stepped over her without an FYI." An anonymous source from Strahan's camp, meanwhile, countered that version of events, claiming that the former football star was forbidden from discussing the "GMA" deal with anyone -- including Ripa -- until it was made public. But that source admitted that there was existing "tension" between the two before Tuesday.

Ripa has so far remained mum amid her silent protest, though Strahan has been working overtime to put a positive spin on his exit, praising Ripa and "Live" in his co-host's absence.

"I'm very thankful for her, to her, because I've learned so much from her," Strahan said on an appearance on "GMA" on Thursday. "And [executive producer] Michael Gelman showed me the ropes. I was so new to all of this and if it weren't for her and it weren't for Michael Gelman and the staff there that really boosted me up and made me look a lot better than I really am, I never would have had a chance to be here and I'm grateful that I'm here. We're on the same team, same family, same network."

Strahan starts his new "GMA" gig in September. Sounds like it's going to be a long few months for him and Ripa until then.

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