All babies are beautiful blessings ... except for the ones that aren't that beautiful at all. Some just seem born for "Veep" and "Game of Thrones," respectively), but they just showed off and analyzed their own awkward early photos on "The Late Late Show with James Corden." Ice Cube was there, but for some reason they didn't show off one of his baby pics -- maybe his photos are too normal.

James Corden broke out a photo Maisie had shared on Instagram with hashtags like #swag #baller #bitches #paper. He wanted an explanation for the hashtags. "Well, look at that face," Williams said. "I just feel like that face is the face of a child baller." Ice Cube said she was wearing a "pimp cape" with a "bitch better have my money" face. Corden said it could make a good rap album cover, but he wanted to know how old the camera was since it looked like a photo from the 1940s. (True!)

Tony Hale volunteered one of his own baby photos, with an adorable little drunk tilting Santa pose he called "sassy." Then he did his own modern-day pose to match. Too cute.

Watch the video:

Now watch Maisie talk about crashing a "Game of Thrones" viewing party for Sunday's big premiere:

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