At a loss for what to watch this week? From new TV, we've got you covered.

TV Worth Watching

"The Good Wife" (Sunday on CBS at 9 p.m.)

This is it. The end of an era. After seven seasons of heartbreak (she'll always love you, Will!), headaches, incredibly sharp writing, and powerful performances from Julianna Margulies down to the many amazing guest stars, Alicia Florrick's story is coming to an end on May 8. The series finale, appropriately titled "End," was written by showrunners Robert and Michelle King, and directed by Robert King. Margulies told Entertainment Weekly the finale will be "satisfying, uplifting and sad." The showrunners have NOT shot down that Josh Charles return rumor, so here's hoping for some kind of flashback/vision/cameo/thing. Also, here's hoping for more of this, from Alicia and Jason:

"Project Runway: All Stars" (Thursday on Lifetime at 9 p.m.)

Who will win the incredibly melodramatic fifth season of "Project Runway: All Stars"? Will it be former winner Dom or one of this season's drama divas, Kini and Ken? In the 1.5-hour finale, "New York State of Mind," the final designers ascend to the top of the new World Trade Center to create collections inspired by New York City. Debra Messing is the finale guest judge. All four previous "All Stars" winners have been male, and two of those four have been past winners. So will Dom continue the two-time winner streak of Seth Aaron and Dmitry, or will Ken/Kini make it a five-member All Stars boy band?

"Criminal Minds" (Wednesday on CBS at 9 p.m.)

The 22 episodes of Season 11 end May 4 with a finale called "The Storm." Here's the synopsis: "Hotch is arrested by a SWAT team and suspected of conspiracy; when the team members scramble to prove Hotch's innocence, they discover a larger plot may be on the horizon."

"Frontline" (Tuesday on PBS at 10 p.m.)

Let's get series for a minute. On May 3, "Frontline" is premiering two short documentaries filmed in the heart of major conflict zones: In "Benghazi in Crisis," journalist Feras Kilani goes inside the war-torn Libyan city of Benghazi and reveals firsthand how chaotic the situation there has become, as ISIS, other Islamist militants, warring militias, and the Libyan army all fight for control. After that, in "Yemen Under Siege," journalist Safa Al Ahmad makes a dangerous return to Yemen and captures the chaos on camera. The episode will stream in full, for free, online at

New Video on Demand, Rental Streaming, and Digital Only

"The Witch"

This unsettling horror film won the 2015 Sundance Film Festival Directing Award (for writer/director Robert Eggers) and currently has a 90 percent fresh rating from Rotten Tomatoes critics. It comes out on Digital HD on May 3, before the DVD/Blu-ray release on May 17. A New England family, circa 1630, is banished to the edge of the wilderness, and believe evil is at work when one of their five children goes missing. When the DVD and Blu-ray do come out, they'll feature audio commentary, a Salem Panel Q&A, and the featurette "The Witch: A Primal Folklore."

"Zoolander 2"

Tell Todd to get your damn latte and prepare to re-lax and watch the "Zoolander" sequel in its fashionably early Digital HD release on May 3. There's also a really, really ridiculously good-looking "Magnum Edition" combo pack with a bunch of special features, for when the discs arrive on May 24.

"Crossing Point"

A young American couple's Baja vacation turns into a nightmare when Olivia is kidnapped by a drug dealer and her boyfriend Michael is told to smuggle a backpack filled with cocaine across the border into the U.S. in the next 12 hours or Olivia will be killed. The action film -- written by Paul Dominic and Shawn Lock, and starring Shawn Lock, Jacob Vargas, Rudy Youngblood, Paulina Gaitan, Tom Sizemore, Luke Goss -- arrives on VOD and iTunes on May 3.

New on Netflix

"Marseille" (Netflix Original)

Gérard Depardieu, Benoît Magimel, and Géraldine Pailhas star in this eight-episode French drama following the longtime mayor of Marseille, who enters into a ruthless war of succession with his former protege. It sounds like a French "House of Cards," and you can watch it stream on Netflix May 5.

Here's the trailer:

"Grace and Frankie" Season 2 (Netflix Original)

Jane Fonda (Grace) and Lily Tomlin (Frankie) return in Season 2 of this Netflix original comedy. The legendary stars play longtime rivals who unexpectedly ended up on the same side when their husbands fell in love and got married. Catch up on Season 1 before Season 2 starts streaming on May 6.

Here's the Season 2 trailer:

"Ali Wong: Baby Cobra" (Netflix Original)

In the latest Netflix original special, Ali Wong uses her stand-up routine to delve into "her sexual adventures, hoarding, the rocky road to pregnancy, and why feminism is terrible."

New on DVD and Blu-ray

"Independence Day" 20th Anniversary Edition

It's hard to believe it's been 20 years since Will Smith saved the world and took the throne as the king of July 4th movies. Now a 20th anniversary edition of "Independence Day" is coming out May 3 on Blu-ray, DVD, and Digital, ahead of the June 24 theatrical release of "Independence Day: Resurgence" (which, just FYI, does not star Will Smith). The 20th anniversary editions include the newly restored theatrical version, and the Blu-ray and Digital releases include more special features. Also, there's an "Attacker Edition" available, including a limited edition alien ship replica, a collectible booklet, newly restored extended and original cuts of the movie, and an all-new 30 minute documentary "Independence Day: A Legacy Surging Forward."

"The 5th Wave"

If you just can't get enough of the world blowing up, this post-apocalyptic attack movie starring Chloë Grace Moretz is out on DVD/Blu-ray on May 3. The release includes filmmaker and cast commentary, making-of featurettes, and a sneak peek excerpt from "The Last Star," the finale to Rick Yancey's bestselling series. Blu-ray and digital exclusives include deleted scenes, a gag reel, and three more featurettes.

"East Side Sushi"

Diana Elizabeth Torres stars in this charming underdog story about a Latina single mom determined to become a sushi chef despite being the "wrong" race and gender. The film was a festival favorite and currently has a 100 percent fresh rating from Rotten Tomatoes; you can check it out on DVD and Digital on May 3. DVD bonus material includes the making-of featurette "Behind the Sushi," plus a "Behind the Music" featurette on the score, and two deleted scenes.

Check out the trailer:


Jennifer Lawrence earned her fourth Oscar nomination (she has one win under her belt) for her role in this biopic, and you can find out why when the David O. Russell film arrives on DVD/Blu-ray on May 3.

"The Choice"

This romantic drama -- starring Benjamin Walker and Teresa Palmer, and adapted from the Nicholas Sparks novel -- arrives on DVD/Blu-ray May 3. The home release includes commentary with director Ross Katz and actor Benjamin Walker; four behind-the-scenes featurettes; and deleted scenes.

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