Freud would have a frigid field day with this sadistic, funny, and sexually awkward new "Tonight Show" game. So would Ramsay Bolton.

As you know, "Captain America: Civil War" is opening this Friday, May 6; was on Jimmy Fallon's show to promote the Marvel movie. Fallon said, because Cap was frozen for 70 years, they launched a new game off that theme -- Frozen Blackjack, aka "Chilly Willy."

The game was blackjack, with the loser of each round getting a PITCHER OF ICE WATER FUNNELED INTO THEIR PANTS. Yes. All caps was necessary. They put that funnel right down the front of their suits each time. It's hard to watch. And poor Evans -- he had two rounds of this. Then again, maybe not poor Evans, since it sounds like this was his idea, and his maniacal laugh each time was pretty scary.

They really should've forced Robert Downey Jr. to do this with Evans, as the real Cap vs. Tony war.

Watch and wince:

Ooh, that's cold.

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