'A Bigger Splash' (2016) Explain Yourself

"A Bigger Splash" follows an unlikely foursome -- rockstar Marianne Lane (Tilda Swinton), her boyfriend, Paul (Matthias Schoenaerts), Marianne's ex, Harry (Ralph Fiennes), and Harry's daughter, Penelope (Dakota Johnson) -- who bump into each other while vacationing on a remote Mediterranean island. It's not exactly a smooth reunion, though, especially where the seductive Penelope is concerned.

In this clip, premiering exclusively on Moviefone, Marianne and Harry get reacquainted while Penelope explains to Paul how she came to tag along on Harry's summer vacation (and how she figured out she was his daughter in the first place). Their conversation gets interrupted, though, when they head for dinner at a funky outdoor restaurant alongside a cliff, and the place is absolutely packed.

Naturally, Harry wants to use Marianne's name to get them a reservation (isn't that what all famous musicians do?), though it doesn't seem like the unusually quiet Marianne is in the mood to ask for special treatment. It also probably doesn't help that all the other patrons stop what they're doing and gawk as Marianne's group approaches.

"A Bigger Splash" hits theaters on May 4.