The 75th Annual Peabody Awards Ceremony - Press RoomWe haven't heard too much from David Letterman since he retired from "The Late Show" (and subsequently grew a magnificent beard) in May 2015. Now, he's speaking out about life after leaving late night, and in true Letterman fashion, he's not mincing his words -- especially when it comes to who he thinks really should have gotten the job.

The interview, conducted by Tom Brokaw for a "Dateline" segment set to air this weekend, features Letterman getting candid about how he doesn't actually miss the job that went to Stephen Colbert.

"I thought for sure I would," Letterman admitted. "And then the first day of Stephen's show, when he went on the air, an energy left me and I felt like, 'You know, that's not my problem anymore.' And I've kind of felt that way ever since. ... I couldn't care less about late night television."

The former host also said that he's happy for Colbert, and admires what the show's become under his successor's guidance. But why, Letterman wondered, wasn't a woman considered for the job instead?

"There should be more women," he said of the current late night landscape. "I don't know why they didn't give my show to a woman. That would have been fine."

While Letterman's statement certainly isn't an indictment of Colbert, it's not exactly a ringing endorsement, either. And his point about the lack of female-fronted late night programs is a valid one.

As Uproxx notes, Colbert has been having a bit of a rough time lately. Looks like he can add his predecessor's interview to the pile, too.

The entire Letterman segment will air on "Dateline" on Sunday at 7 p.m.

[via: Uproxx]

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