Will the houseguest evicted Thursday, July 21 on "Big Brother 18" be the same one to walk back into the house the next day?

UPDATE: Nope. Tiffany was evicted in a unanimous vote, 8-0-0, but Victor won the Battle Back comp Friday night. Tiff told him to trust Frank, not Day. Victor had said he'd target Paulie but then he said he'd be nice to everyone, so the least dramatic option may have won out. And now we'll have to hear "your boy" from both Paul and Vic. Sigh.

Original post:

The Big Brother Battle Back will air this Friday at 8 p.m. in a special extra episode on CBS. (Yes, three days a week is still not enough.) One of the first five evicted houseguests will return, which means either Glenn Garcia, Jozea Flores, Victor Arroyo, or Bronte D'Acquisto will battle against Tiffany Rousso or Da'Vonne Rogers. (Natalie Negrotti, you seem safe, even though it would be smart to break up the powerful showmances before it's too late.)

Corey Brooks was put on the block, by Roadkill winner Tiffany, but he won the Power of Veto. We'll see that in tonight's (Wednesday) show. Tiffany replaced him with Da'Vonne, and that's when the sparks really started to fly, since it's now Tiff vs. Day in terms of who leaves next.

It seems like the house is leaning toward evicting Tiffany, but they leaned that way last week, too, and things changed at the last minute. A lot of HGs regret keeping Tiffany, since she knew it was just as an FU to Frank Eudy, who was supposed to be the target this week but ended up being safe under Head of Household Paulie Calafiore, because of the stupid teams twist. So Tiffany has blown up a lot of games, revealing alliances and forming at least a temporary alliance with Frank and Bridgette Dunning, whom she had just publicly called a "dictator" and his "Cabbage Patch Kid," respectively.

Day has been exposed by a lot of what Tiffany has said, and there were people in the house (like Frank, and also Nicole) who had mentioned Da'Vonne's name as a target even before this week. They may take her out now, since she has more influence in the house than Tiffany. Then again, HOH Paulie wants Tiffany gone, thinking they may not get another shot at taking her out. But Paulie doesn't have a vote (unless there's a tie) and the house may flip and flip back again before Thursday's vote.

For drama's sake, they may just have whoever leaves this week come right back. It wouldn't be that dramatic if, say, Glenn returned, since we barely knew Glenn. But Tiffany or Day returning after being voted out would bring fireworks. We'll see.

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