OUCH. Not sure about "talent," but America's definitely got a high pain tolerance. So ... at least there's that. The Baron of the Universe returned to "America's Got Talent" last night, just in time to gross out everyone, including guest judge Louis Tomlinson ... but especially Simon Cowell. Cowell is a master of reaction shots, and he delivered even before the Baron started pulling a giant car (with a woman riding on it) with his own nipples.

Howie Mandel noted that, last time, the Baron said that he would go even further in his return. So Cowell asked, "How risky is what you are going to do? What's the worst thing that can happen?" The Baron's reply: "The worst thing that can happen is a massive pool of blood here on stage when my nipples will rip off."


The video below cuts from that to the Baron wearing nipple clips to pull a car as "You Sexy Thing" plays.
The audience and judges all looked traumatized, covering their faces -- or at least their own nipples -- in horror. But the Baron was very pleased with his performance. Someday they should show the outtakes of when that doesn't go as planned.

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