UPDATE: OK, apparently there is a new "Big Brother" coming this fall, but it's coming online to CBS All Access. According to Deadline, Season 19 -- shortened to just 10 weeks -- will premiere within days of BB18's September 21 end, but it will stream on CBS's SVOD service instead of airing on TV.

Here's more from Deadline:

"With 'Big Brother 19,' CBS no doubt is looking to build on the success of the Big Brother 24/7 live feeds on All Access, which have been among the service's most popular attractions, driving subscribers. A new installment of the voyeuristic reality series will keep the 24/7 live stream going. It is unclear yet how the live eviction episodes of Season 19 will be presented on the digital platform. [...] With 'Big Brother 19,' CBS All Access will become the first subscription streaming service to launch a competition reality series, beating rival Netflix, whose Sylvester Stallone-produced 'Ultimate Beastmaster' is now filming."

Original post:

Our beloved Chenbot always tells "Big Brother" fans to "expect the unexpected," but we were not prepared for the new Season 19 rumors.

Reality Blurred recently posted a story on a surprise Fall 2016 season:

"Big Brother will air its 19th season this fall, I've learned, making it only the second season in its history to air outside of the summer. A person close to the casting process told me the show is casting now and will air mid-September, after this season concludes. No other details were available. The show has been actively casting in recent days, but with no word of an air date."

The only other season to break from the summer tradition was Season 9, which premiered in February 2008, with Adam Jasinski taking the win before setting up that drug ring. It was not one of the great seasons.

So far, the Fall 2016 rumor is unconfirmed, but it is interesting that they are casting for the new season so early. And they are casting. Becky Burgess of BB17 tweeted a casting notice, and when a fan said it wasn't genuine, Becky replied, "it was sent to me by the casting director, I assure you it is!"

So the casting is real:

There are no further Season 19 date details at http://bigbrothercasting.tv. It's not clear how CBS would fit "Big Brother" into the fall schedule, since it already seems pretty packed, and "Big Brother" currently airs three times a week. That requires a lot of room in the schedule. Plus, it's such a summer show. Would it really work to move it to the fall? Maybe they'd be doing some kind of abbreviated version? Eh.

In the meantime, BB18 is still only up to Week 5-6, and it will keep going until September 21.

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