This is not Emma Watson's "Beauty and the Beast." This is, however, a wild, dark, sexy, action-packed, French, non-Disney adaptation of the classic "La Belle et la Bête" story.

Entertainment Weekly just shared the international trailer, which features Léa Seydoux as Belle and Vincent Cassel as the Beast, in advance of the movie's U.S. release in September. It looks more like the new "Alice in Wonderland" films than the "Beauty and the Beast" we've gotten used to, but there's room in the world for more than one adaptation. And it's good to see this strong, self-assured Belle standing up to the Beast.

Beast: "If you'd let me, I'd fulfill all your desires."

Belle: "A beast, fulfill a woman like me?"

You tell him, sister.

This film was actually first released in France in 2014, and picked up a Cesar Awards for production design in 2015. It has now slooowwwly made its way to the U.S., about a year before the highly anticipated live-action Disney movie. Good timing? Bad timing?

Watch the trailer:'Beauty and the Beast / La belle et la bĂȘte' (2016) Trailer

"Beauty and the Beast," directed by Christophe Gans, is scheduled to open in the U.S. on September 29.

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