Oh, baby. Is it wrong to want a mobile just like the one in the new "American Horror Story" teaser?

AHS Season 6 is starting in September, and right now Ryan Murphy has us in his Twilight Zone, just giving us the logo and now three brief teases via Snapchat to keep us guessing on the new season. The teasers -- showing a farmhouse, a demon baby's nursery, and a hand obstacle course on a staircase -- feature that six logo we're getting used to seeing.

Check it out:

OK, so what's that about? Murphy said this season will involve children, so a lot of fan speculation is based from there.

As Entertainment Weekly reported, "A popular theory floating around the internet is that season 6 will follow Michael, the devilish baby that Vivian (Connie Britton) gave birth to and Constance (Jessica Lange) ended up taking."

Fans have offered some of their own theories in the comments:

• American Horror Story: Texas Chainsaw Massacre? You can clearly hear a chainsaw and screaming before it cuts to the demon baby.

• that is where my thoughts went...farm house... demon child... chainsaw... basement...Yup... AHS: Massacre?

• CHILDREN OF THE CORN! DUH! ryan murphy said its based of children and this whole farmhouse sickle teaser is totally in that nature

• i think its related to devil and cursed child. like the movie "the omen".

• I just figured it out. Its not about Michael, but it is about another child of Constance's. I just recently finished watching the first season again(for the billionth time) and if you remember Constance mentioned that she had four children in total. We only saw three out of that four(Michael doesn't count). I remember reading a post mortem interview with Ryan Murphy saying that they were going to introduce the fourth child but didn't have the time. However, you did get a glimpse of him in the opening credits...Its the man with the bloody shears. Given with the recent imagery I theorize that he will play some part this go around. If you recall Mr. Murphy said that the clue for season 6 is in Season 1... well there you have its in the Opening Credits. You're Welcome.

Good sleuthing, fans! PopWrapped is running with this, for your consideration or dismissal:

"PopWrapped can exclusively reveal that the American Horror Story Season Six theme will be: FOREST. We are told that it is a cross between Peter Pan, Deliverance and The Exorcist. There will be a "very scary" farmhouse involved, and the story-lines for the upcoming season are "far more sinister and scary" than previous seasons. Our sources went on to say "FX is definitely going back to their Horror roots." We have also confirmed that there is a "cultish" and "terrifyingly childish" feel to this season."

Whatever does happen will probably be less exciting than the speculation about it, but we've gotten used to that, too. "American Horror Story" Season 6 premieres September 14 on FX.

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