star wars, the force awakens, tv series, tv show, abc, tvNew ABC president Channing Dungey already made a splash earlier this year when she took the reins and immediately cleaned house, but now, she's hoping to make headlines for a more positive reason: Dungey really wants to bring a "Star Wars" TV series to ABC.

According to Variety, that's what she told reporters during an executive session and follow-up interview during the Television Critics Association summer press tour, when asked about corporate synergy with parent company Disney, which also owns "Star Wars" studio Lucasfilm.

"As a fan I would absolutely love to say yes," Dungey said of a potential "Wars" show. "We have had conversations with [Lucasfilm] and we will continue to have conversations with them. I think it would be wonderful if we could find a way to extend that brand onto our programming."

According to the exec, there's nothing official in the works yet, but the key word there is "yet." But even if those discussions do eventually lead to a series order, it wouldn't exactly be made public knowledge right away, either.

"It's all a little bit hush-hush," Dungey told reporters. "That company exists under a big shroud of secrecy. If you feel Marvel is secretive, Lucas takes it to a whole other level. [Talks] are ongoing. We don't really have an official timeline yet."

ABC has had a bit of a rocky history with its other synergistic programming, with its Marvel series "Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D." and "Agent Carter" struggling in the ratings (and the latter getting the ax this year). There have been talks of a "S.H.I.E.L.D." spinoff for years, but that series has continually failed to come to fruition. So it's unclear just how a "Star Wars" series would play out on the network.

But then again, it couldn't hurt the Mouse House to try, especially since "The Force Awakens" was such a massive hit, and the Star Wars universe is ever-expanding with the new trilogy and lots of spinoff flicks in the works (not to mention the popularity of existing Disney XD animated series "Star Wars Rebels" and "Lego Star Wars: The Freemaker Adventures"). We'll keep our fingers crossed for more adventures from a galaxy far, far away on our TV screens soon.

[via: Variety]

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