nashville, rayna, season 5Rayna Jaymes (Connie Britton) has been through a lot on "Nashville," and it doesn't look like things will improve very much going forward: Some new scoop about season five of the country music drama indicates that the singer-turned-label head will run into some more trouble in the new episodes.

TV Guide reports that season five will continue the season four storyline that saw Rayna yearning to get her singing career back on track after spending so much time running her label, Highway 65. But it's not going to go as smoothly as the country legend would hope.

Here's what TV Guide has to say about Rayna's new drama:

We hear that Rayna will cross paths with a young app developer (TV shorthand for "money to burn") who also happens to be a superfan. He wants to introduce Rayna's music to a whole new generation, but he has other, more nefarious plans for her.

That jibes with Rayna's previously established aversion to technology (remember her not wanting Maddie to make YouTube videos?), and her getting blindsided by some slick young tech guy seems about right. But Rayna Jaymes has been through far worse (remember the car accident-induced coma that almost destroyed her vocal cords?), and we have a feeling she'll come out of the situation alright.

"Nashville" will make its season five debut on its new network CMT sometime this fall.

[via: TV Guide]