BRITAIN-ENTERTAINMENT-CINEMA-SUICIDE SQUAD"Aquaman" will have to defeat his archenemy in his standalone movie: Black Manta.

The Wrap reports that Black Manta will be the main villain in the film, going up against Jason Momoa's superhero. Warner Brothers has not confirmed the role, nor is there any word of actors being eyed for the part.

Black Manta, a mercenary and undersea treasure hunter, is a longtime foe of Aquaman. They've been locked in an unending struggle after Black Manta caused the death of Aquaman's father. Aquaman sought revenge and accidentally killed Black Manta's father.

The villain doesn't have super powers, but has a suit that allows him to breathe underwater and blast rays from the helmet.

Incidentally, rumors floated around last year that Black Manta would be part of "Suicide Squad" and played by the rapper/actor Common. Those rumors were debunked, however. Now, though, it seems the character will make his nefarious debut in "Aquaman," which opens in theaters July 28, 2018.

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