UPDATE: Moot point. The house turned against Paulie/Corey/Nicole going into the August 11 double eviction, but Corey won the DE HoH. Bridgette was (somehow) evicted. So Nicole wasn't anyone's target, and it's probably safe to say Nicole is off Paulie's immediate threat list. That list has now gotten long and Nicole is one of the only people who may be on his side.

Original post:

Right now in "Big Brother 18" Week 7, Michelle Meyer is still Paulie Calafiore's target for eviction, so he can keep his love zombie Zakiyah Everette in the house, and cushion himself even further before the Thursday, August 11 double eviction. So far, Paulie has been shown to get his way -- almost every time. But will he this time? And who does he really want to target in the double eviction?

James Huling -- who was awarded this week's two-vote-cancelling care package -- might have the power to stop Meech's eviction, and he might finally be willing to use it. Heck, he might not even need it, if Nat/James/Bridge/Paul vote out Z, Paulie be damned.

This season, James has been all about saying "it's too soon to go against the house." The house, for several weeks now, has been Paulie. James thought he had safety with his boys and the showmances, but he was wrong. The five boys were mostly together -- James, Paulie, Paul Abrahamian, Corey Brooks, and Victor Arroyo -- until this week. Now, Paul is Corey's target, Vic is expendable, several houseguests are suspicious of James, and everyone knows Paulie is the one to beat if you want a shot at winning.

James is also aligned with the three showmances, which include Natalie Negrotti and Nicole Franzel.

Natalie has been pushing hard for someone to make a big move in the double eviction. She would like to target Paulie. Bridgette Dunning has been telling the boys what they want to hear, but she's been telling Natalie and Michelle that she wants to get the guys out of power, too. She's probably not just telling them what they want to hear, since Paulie is pretty clearly targeting all of the girls, starting with whoever threatens him the most. At this moment, Michelle is threatening him the most. Vocally, bless her.

On Tuesday, Paulie and Paul had a conversation about breaking up Nicorey and evicting Nicole.

That one may just be Paulie telling his PP mate what he wants to hear, since Paulie is also connected to the showmance boat. Would he really risk pissing off his buddy Corey by blindsiding Nicole, making Zaulie vulnerable? Then again, Paulie did say at one point that the person he trusts most is Corey, and he wants the guys to be at the end. That would mean splitting up the Lannister-esque showmance.Here's a portion of Big Brother Daily's recap of the recent PP talk:

"Up in the HoH room, Paul and Paulie discussed their plan. Paul said swapping James out for an easy girl is the better option. Paul said Victor can take the shot at James. As for the upcoming week, Paulie said he can't nominate Zakiyah but he can put Natalie and Nicole up. Paul asked who they will send home. Paulie said Nicole. Paul agreed that Nicole has to go if she is on the block, seeing as she is the strongest of the girls. Paulie said she will be gone if she is on the block. They counted out the votes to evict Nicole as whichever one of them doesn't win HoH, James, Bridgette and Victor. Paulie said no more information can be given to Nicole or to Corey until Nicole is gone."

Is that their real plan or just what they said in the moment to cover their own butts, since both of their names are coming out of other mouths this week, and double evictions traditionally take out big targets ... like themselves?

Meanwhile, Nicole and Corey seem to want Paul out. Nicole told Corey that she wants to make a Final 4 with Corey, James, and Paulie. She told Corey and James that she wants Paul to go before Victor, and the best time to get Paul might be the double. She said her plan would be to nominate Bridgette and Paul, making them both feel like they are the pawn. Would she stick to that, or was that just an off-hand idea?

There's more: On Wednesday morning, Paul had his own DE conversation with Natalie and Michelle, saying he's ready to turn on Paulie. Did he mean that? "Your boy" is a skilled liar, and it may take listening to another one of his Diary Room talks to find out where his true "friendship" lies. It would be amazing to see this house turn on Paulie, but Paul may have just been planting more seeds for a Nicole eviction. Then again, he, Nat Nat, Bridgette, Michelle, and James did give each other a lot of information. This may happen.

Paulie would be the ultimate DE target but ... well, let's just stay cautiously optimistic. From here, Paulie or Nicole would be fine to head to the jury.

For his part, before Natalie's big meeting with Paul, James told her that Bridgette and Victor should be the next targets for now. Natalie said she will tell James "I told you so" if Paulie wins the game. We all will.

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