HookThe Lost Boys have found each other again, 25 years later.

The cast of "Hook" reunited to celebrate the movie's 25th anniversary, which is later this year. Production company 22 Vision wrangled the group members and held a full costume photo shoot.

"We haven't seen each other in quite some time but I almost feel like there was no lost time," James Madio (Don't Ask) told Entertainment Tonight. "We just picked it up right away where we were and just reminiscing about everything. It's just really cool."

When the Lost Boys filmed the Steven Spielberg movie, they ranged in age from 6 to 17. For many of them, it was their first acting job ever.

But the reunion was bittersweet, because there was a major figure absent: Their Peter Pan, Robin Williams, who died two years ago.

"I think for all of us [Robin's death] was the death of our childhood," said Dante Basco (Rufio) in an interview with . "There's sadness there, also there's a lot of space to kinda celebrate one of the most legendary artists of our time. [Robin] really taught me at a young age what it means to be a star, what it means to be a leader on a set. Everything you want Robin Williams to be, he delivered in spades."

Check out the Lost Boys' photo shoot:

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