Fast and Furious 5 - Premiere in Rio de JaneiroThe drama brewing on the "Fast 8" set continues to boil over this week, with the latest report claiming that The Rock has been nothing but professional toward his castmates and crew members -- and Vin Diesel allegedly anything but.

That's the scoop from TMZ, which seems to have a pretty high-up mole embedded in the production, if its multiple exclusives are any indication. The latest bit of gossip seems to bolster Dwayne Johnson's explosive claims that some of his male costars are "candy asses" (with Diesel the alleged specific target of those remarks), with several anonymous crew members reportedly telling the site that Diesel is a big ol' diva.

According to TMZ, sources say that The Rock and Diesel have been butting heads for a while now, mostly over Diesel's work ethic. The site alleges that Diesel has repeatedly shown up 30 minutes or even an hour late to shoot scenes, simply hiding out in his trailer, and has flat-out refused to meet 7 a.m. call times, pushing the start time to as late as 10 a.m. TMZ's report continues:

And the crew felt Vin's arrogance was out of control, especially because he had a producer title. We're told he wouldn't listen to anyone and would goad people, including The Rock, by criticizing their acting.

The crew has a vastly different view of The Rock. They say he's the ultimate professional who is always on time and always nails his scenes. They also say he's easy to work with.

Sounds like a nightmare. Does Diesel's alleged behavior justify The Rock calling him out in such a public fashion? Maybe, maybe not. Diesel has indicated he has his own things to say when the time is right; we look forward to hearing his side of the (seemingly never-ending) story.

[via: TMZ]

Photo credit: Buda Mendes/STF via Getty Images