FILES-ENTERTAINMENT-US-FILM-OFFBEATVin Diesel just whispered (rather dramatically) the he would tell us "everything." He even said "everything" twice. What is everything to him? Diesel's Instagram video focused on his daughter Pauline learning the word "happy," but also seemed to subtly shade Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson's blast of his "Fast 8" co-stars. (The Rock reportedly directed that rant at Diesel in particular.)

Here's what Diesel just shared:

"After being on set since literally Christmas, to finally, finally, finally come home and to learn that the little angel learned a new word. I mean, I have to share it with you, it's more important than anything. Her new word kind of describes my spirit and my soul, and most people who stay positive. The new word is 'happy.' When I heard her say 'happy,' I just lit up in ways I can't even describe. Now give me a second and [whispers] I will tell you everything. Everything."

It's only natural to take that, and the timing of it, and put it together with The Rock's own Instagram post from earlier this week, calling out his male co-stars as "candy asses." TMZ said Vin Diesel was The Rock's intended target, adding that the men had a meeting on Tuesday to try to clear the air and finish filming on a high note.

Diesel's post tries to stay positive and literally "happy," but now we're on standby for this "everything." Because if The Rock can leave fans hanging -- wondering which male co-star(s) he meant -- Diesel can play the same game, leaving fans hanging for details. He could've cleared the air right then, but instead this is being teased out even more.

Some fans are not impressed, and wish the actors would put Paul Walker's legacy above such petty drama. As one commented on Diesel's new video:

"You guys need to put your big girl panties on and make Paul proud. He would be ashamed of the huge egos on this movie. Be thankful for your job guys. Most people in American are starving to death. Get out of your bubble."

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