ScandalMark your 2017 calendar for Election Day!

Well, fictional Election Day in the world of "Scandal." Season 6 of the ABC drama won't debut until midseason (due to star Kerry Washington's pregnancy), but it will open with the outcome of the election storyline that fueled much of Season 5.

"We are basically going to start our season on election night," creator Shonda Rhimes told Entertainment Weekly. "Yes, it is going to play into our season, but we're not going to spend our time playing an election."

Season 5 focused a great deal on the Republican primary battle, with ex-First Lady Mellie Grant (Bellamy Young) vying against Vice President Susan Ross and tycoon Hollis Doyle (a Donald Trump-like figure). The finale ended with Mellie and VP pick Jake Ballard (Scott Foley) facing off against the Democratic ticket of Francisco Vargas and his VP selection, former chief of staff Cyrus Beene (Jeff Perry).

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