Premiere Of Radius And G4 Productions' "Before We Go" - Red CarpetThe #22PushupChallenge raises awareness for the 22 veterans a day who commit suicide. It's a serious issue, but the celebrities who have taken up the challenge have had a lot of fun spreading the word.

The Rock, John Krasinski,and Chris Evans all got their dogs involved -- and if you didn't love Chris Evans before his post, well, we just DARE you not to love both him and his dog afterward.

Dang it, Cap! We're supposed to focus on the issues but now we're half-laughing, half-melting. Not fair.

Chris Pratt and Anna Faris led their own hilarious video, and Anna may have struggled but she did better than we would. (Most of us don't have our own trainers, unlike Marvel superheroes. Just saying.)

Michelle Monaghan did herself proud, then challenged Aaron Paul:

Kevin Hart even interrupted his own honeymoon to accept The Rock's challenge:

The challenge is continuing, and you can head here for more information on how to support the cause. Then start doing your own 22 pushups a day and challenge others to follow suit.

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