Thomas Gibson wants to keep in touch with his fans, now that he's unexpectedly out of the job he's had since 2005.

The "Criminal Minds" star, and occasional director, was recently fired after an on-set disagreement allegedly got physical. On August 16, Gibson joined Twitter and currently has almost 10,000 followers. His account has yet to be verified with a check mark but it has been verified by the actor himself on his official Instagram account:

Hazel and I both looking forward to what's down the road...

A photo posted by @thomasgibsonofficial on

You know someone wants to win you over when they break out the cute dog pics.

Gibson had been directing and acting in a Season 12 episode when he had a dispute with a writer/producer. Gibson admitted to "creative differences on the set and a disagreement," telling TMZ he regretted that it occurred. He was initially suspended, then "dismissed" from the CBS show. In a statement, the studio Powers That Be said details on how Gibson's long-running character, Aaron "Hotch" Hotcher, would exit the show would be "announced at a later date."

Poor Hotch. He's the real victim in all of this.

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