It's not the *most dramatic* feud ever, but Oscar-winning filmmaker Michael Moore just took an out-of-left-field jab at "loser" Chris Harrison, and "The Bachelor" host responded on Twitter.

Michael Moore is known for his political documentaries/opinion pieces, and he can't stand Donald Trump. No shock there. But Harrison was surprised to see his own name thrown into Moore's AlterNet post bashing Trump.2016 Tribeca Film Festival - "Taxi Driver" 40th Anniversary ScreeningHarrison, who is currently "hosting" ABC's "Bachelor in Paradise," tweeted a highlighted copy of the insult:

At least he's taking it well, adding his own suspicion that Moore is a secret Bachelor Nation superfan, and knows exactly who Harrison is, and how many roses are left on the stand:

It's true. Moore is not fooling anyone. You don't randomly name-drop Chris Harrison, then act like you don't know who he is. That's very junior high -- "I don't care about [BIGGEST CRUSH]" -- and suggests Michael Moore is devouring every tragic minute of "Bachelor in Paradise," probably rooting for the perpetual underdogs, like Evan and Ashley I. Just a theory.

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