Boy, do James Huling and Natalie Negrotti regret not keeping Victor Arroyo when they could've. Not only is Vic back, he's sticking with Nicorey, and he's targeting Jatalie as the new Head of Household. James was the one with the deciding vote to evict Victor over Corey Brooks, and Victor has not forgotten. James is was the target to be evicted September 8.

POST-POV UPDATE: Well, James was Victor's target, but Nicorey are steamrolling the show and they want Natalie out. Guess Nicole wants to be the last girl standing, and keep James around. Corey won POV (we'll see that on TV this Wednesday), so the nominations are staying the same, and he and Nicole are the ones with the power votes this week. They have decided it's better to evict Natalie, even though it's better for Vic's game to dump James. Nicorey don't care, and Sitting Ducks won't press the point because ... not sure. It's sad. Vic can't play for HoH next week so apparently Nicorey feels comfortable and cocky enough to blow off his target. They are insufferable.

Back to the original post:

The Nomination Ceremony was Friday night, with Jatalie on the block. The only other people who could've gone up (and could still go up if Veto is used) are Victor's allies: Corey, Nicole Franzel, and Paul Abrahamian.

The Power of Veto competition will be held Saturday, and right now James and Natalie are debating who to save if either one wins.

James knows he messed up, and Natalie has been quick to remind him that she wanted him to keep Victor in the house over Corey. But James trusted Corey and Nicole. He had a final four with them, and they were the ones -- Nicole, really -- who convinced Natalie to put up Paul and Victor, with Paul as the target, leading the Sitting Ducks to feel betrayed by Jatalie, and leaving Victor to be evicted when Paul won PoV. James also listened to Nicole's whining about really wanting last week's HoH, so he threw it to her, and she took out his ally, Michelle Meyer. BB17's AFP winner has thrown too many comps this year. He is very unlikely to get that honor again.Now James and Natalie are sitting around wishing Natalie had put up Nicole and Corey instead of Paul and Victor, which was the original 5-person plan (James/Nat/Meech/Paul/Vic) that Natalie betrayed when Nicole told her Paul was coming for James, and added that Paul was the one who called her FT (fake tits).

So this is Natalie's fault as much as James's. James will go on the block for the first time this season, and Nicole will be the only one who has yet to sit on the block at all. She's in a great spot, since the guys can't stand Natalie and, if they get James out, they are likely to go after Nat before even targeting each other or Nicole, despite Nat not exactly being a Victor, Paul, or Nicole-level theat to win. (Corey is a threat to nothing except patience.)

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