AOL BUILD Speaker Series: "Spectre" CastThe first photos from Steven Soderbergh's new movie "Logan Lucky" were just leaked online, and some folks are saying Daniel Craig looks unrecognizable. Nah. You'll recognize him. He's the tough-looking, tattooed platinum Bond blond in prisoner garb, standing next to a much-too-cheerful-looking Adam Driver.

The movie, shooting now in Atlanta, follows two brothers who plan a heist during a NASCAR race.

Check out the set photos:

The A-list cast includes Craig, Driver, Channing Tatum, Hilary Swank, Katherine Heigl, Riley Keough, Seth MacFarlane, and -- most recently announced by The Hollywood Reporter -- Sebastian Stan as a three-time Sprint Cup Champion NASCAR driver who is coming back into the sport after time away.

There's no release date yet for "Logan Lucky," but we'll be keeping our eyes open (although turned away from Craig's new look) for more details.

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