There are plenty of potential victims of Negan's brutal baseball bat beatdown from "The Walking Dead"'s season six finale cliffhanger, but one person we know for sure is safe (for now, anyway) is Morgan, who was off with Carol on a different adventure when the incident took place. But that doesn't mean that people have stopped pumping the actor who plays him, Lennie James, for information about the identity of Negan's first Alexandria kill. And it's prompted James to take some drastic measures to protect the secret.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, James explained how he's been hounded repeatedly over the past few months for intel, with strangers approaching him in the grocery store, and even friends and family members trying to get clues out him. The curious fans have been clever with their questions, James told EW, not asking outright who died, but rather inquiring about who James saw on set that day or who he's had dinner with recently.

"I've kind of done two things," in response to all those queries, the actor told EW. "One, I've stopped speaking to people. And two, you have to get very single-minded about protecting this particular story line and trying your best to stay true to it everywhere. People will just whisper something in your ear when you're at the store or when you're at the supermarket thinking that you'll turn around and divulge some piece of information, but so far I think I'm doing okay."

Since "Walking Dead" producers have threatened to sue spoiler sites that try to identify Negan's victim before the season premiere, we can imagine that James takes his dedication to keeping the secret very seriously. He only has a little more time to wait before he can finally breathe easy: "The Walking Dead" season seven premieres on October 23.

[via: Entertainment Weekly]

Photo credit: Gene Page/AMC