And just like that, "Big Brother 18" is down to the Final 3:

Paul Abrahamian
Nicole Franzel
James Huling

Tonight's (Wednesday, September 14) live eviction episode sent Corey Brooks to the jury, marking the end of Nicorey.

Yes. Mucho Friendship.

Paul won the Final 4 HoH by one question at the end of Tuesday's episode. The live feeds returned after the West Coast airing, where it was revealed that the Houseguests had already played for the Power of Veto.

Paul won PoV, too. He put up Nicorey, and they stayed up for the slaying.

However, at Final 4, the real eviction power is down to the sole voter. In this case, that was James. All summer, James has gone out of his way to take the path of least resistance -- throwing comps, avoiding decisions, riding the middle, floating like a human life vest -- and this decision, too, he tried to leave to others. He told Nicorey he was doing what Paul wanted, which is to get rid of Corey. James told Paul that's what he wants, too.

The good news for Nicole and her fans (and she does seem to have a few) is that both James and Paul appear to want to take her to Final 2. (James wouldn't really take Paul, right?) Paul doesn't want to drag James to the end when he has no blood on his hands and several friends in the jury. Nicole has arguments to win, though, so if she sits next to James at F2, she should be able to get the $500,000. If Paul sits in F2, he should get the win. But he'll have to win both final HoH comps to get there.

Here's a reminder of the final week schedule:

Wednesday September 14th (8 PM ET) - Final 4 eviction episode
Friday September 16th (8 PM ET) - Recap episode, Final HoH competition begins
Wednesday September 21st (9:30 PM ET) - 90 minute finale

Wednesday September 28th - The Big Brother: Over The Top season begins, exclusively on CBS All Access.

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