Your boy can't be stopped! "Big Brother 18" is in its last week, with the final three -- Paul Abrahamian, James Huling, and Nicole Franzel -- now competing for the final Head of Household win. It's a three-part comp, with the winner of Part 1 sitting out Part 2, and facing Part 2's winner in Part 3.

Part 1 was endurance, which seemed like James's strength. But the win went to Paul. That's three comp wins in a row for Pablo's buddy. #Friendship

As James said to himself after the comp, "Man, I am so disappointed. F*ck. You should have had that, James. You should have had that. That was your comp." For once, he probably wasn't trying to throw it. He could've used that win. But that's inertia for you -- an object in motion stays in motion; an object at rest stays at rest. James has been at rest in BB18 and he failed to switch "on" in time.

We'll see the start of this comp on Friday's episode. Part 2 will take place Friday but we won't see it until CBS's 90-minute finale on Wednesday, September 21.

Part 2 should be mental -- Nicole vs. James -- so Nicole certainly has the edge. And then it's Paul vs. (probably) Nicole in the more social comp of Part 3, where they have to guess what their fellow Houseguests said, based on how well they've gotten to know them.

It's hard to tell, without watching Diary Room videos, where everyone really stands. Paul is playing both Nicole and James, but they seem to be playing him, too. Everyone wants to cover their own butts so they are chosen if one of the others wins the final HoH. But would Nicole or James really take Paul to the end? Wouldn't they have to be crazy?

UPDATE 1: Friday's show had DR sessions with the finalists, revealing that James *would* honor his Final 2 with Paul (fool!), Nicole would probably not honor her Final 2 with Paul, James thinks both Nicole and Paul would take him to Final 2, and Paul doesn't really believe either one of them would take him to Final 2.

If Nicole wins Final HoH, she'd almost certainly take James to Final 2, because she has a serious shot against him. James probably won't win diddly, but if he did, he'd probably take Nicole to the end. They were friends before BB18 started and their arguments are stronger next to the fellow vet, because the other finalist can't argue that they had a second season advantage.

So now we just have to wait to hear if James magically beat Nicole in the Part 2 mental comp. More realistically, we should plan to watch a Part 3 showdown of Paul vs. Nicole live next Wednesday. Like last season in Steve vs. Vanessa, that comp will likely determine the winner of BB18.

UPDATE 2: Yep, as expected, Nicole took out James in the Part 2 comp:

The final Part 3 comp will be Paul vs. Nicole, probably following this same format:

It does seem like Nicole would take James to the end, if she wins, and there's no good reason for Paul to take Nicole over James if he wins. So ... congrats, James, on $50K?

UPDATE 3: Maybe not, on James taking second place. Paul and Nicole have James convinced they will be taking each other to the end, no matter who wins Part 3. James now believes he'll be left in third place. Is it true? Both Paul and Nicole have separately practiced their Final 2 speeches, referencing each other. But are they practicing in case the other takes them to F2? From here, it seems clear that James is a good person to take to the end, but they don't get to see the show from every angle. They may see that jury as filled with James friends and others who were not betrayed by him, and think he has a great shot of winning.

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