PortlandiaFeel free to Netflix and chill the weekend away, because, as it turns out, binge-watching is good for relationships!

A study conducted by the University of Aberdeen showed that watching TV or movies together can make a couple feel closer and more connected. Researchers likened it to the kind of closeness a couple has if they have shared friends. But for couples without mutual friends, TV shows can fill in the gap.

In one experiment, the researchers examined 259 students in committed relationships over an average of 16.7 months. Those with mutual friends and those with fewer friends but shared media consumption were the happiest.

"Our findings showed that when people lack shared friends with their romantic partners, sharing media predicts greater relationship quality and people become motivated to share media with their partners," the researchers wrote.

It's just like that "Portlandia" episode when Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein binged on "Battlestar Galactica." #RelationshipGoals!

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