The 68th annual Emmy Awards started with a "special report" mocking the O.J. Simpson chase, with Jimmy Kimmel in the backseat, and stayed full throttle from there.

In his quest to get to the Emmys, host Kimmel next joined the "Modern Family" cast (although, sadly, he confirmed he is not a "hobo magician"), then joined James Corden for some Wham! Carpool Karaoke.

After being kicked out of that car, Kimmel tried to hitch a limo ride with Selina Meyer (Julia Louis-Dreyfus) and Gary (Tony Hale), the characters from HBO's "Veep." In arguably the weirdest thing to ever happen, Jeb Bush was revealed as the chauffeur, wondering what it's like to be nominated.

Next, "Game of Thrones" queen Daenerys Targaryen gave Kimmel a ride on Drogon, burning Ryan Seacrest in the process with a nice bit of "Dracarys" fire.

Once live inside the theater, Kimmel wasted no time in rushing the first trophy to Jeffrey Tambor, telling everyone else that if their show doesn't have a dragon or a white Bronco in it, they should just go home. Sarah Paulson got the "plus one" award for bringing Marcia Clark as her date. "Everyone in L.A. knows, if you want to win, sit next to Marcia Clark." Ouch! He also asked if she's rooting for O.J. now or what.

Kimmel's monologue also included diversity jokes, Donald Trump jokes (apparently this is all Mark Burnett's fault), a tirade against "lame Maggie Smith" for never showing up to the Emmys, and a masturbation joke connected to "Game of Thrones." When the camera cut to actor Kit Harington, Jimmy said Jon Snow is his "freebie."

What do you think? Did Kimmel's monologue "make the Emmys great again" or not?

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