US-ENTERTAINMENT-TELEVISION-EMMYS-ARRIVALSThe ridiculously gorgeous "Game of Thrones." Sophie (Sansa Stark) talked to Giuliana Rancic on the E! red carpet, and shared her reaction to the "Game of Thrones" Season 7 scripts:

"I was actually speechless. Like, this season is unbelievable, and I think fans are going to be really satisfied."

Sophie added that it's "crazy," and also showed off the new tattoo she just got with GoT co-star (and Emmy nominee) Maisie Williams (Arya Stark). Sophie said she got her tattoo in peach, so it wouldn't be too obvious and stand out. She confirmed that the tat date -- 07.08.09 -- is the date both she and Maisie heard that they got cast on GoT.

Now they are close to a month into filming for Season 7, which will premiere next summer. This season will be shortened, and it's the penultimate season, with Season 8 marking the end game for the series. Hopefully Season 7 doesn't mark the end game for the Stark sisters, but being left "speechless" by the scripts could be taken different ways. Maisie previously tweeted her reaction to the Season 7 scripts, writing "sh*t gets REAL," "holy BALLS," and "nothing will prepare you for this."

We won't see what she means until next summer, but we can hope for a Season 7 trailer toward the end of the year or maybe early 2017.

Meanwhile, as the 2016 Emmys continue, "Game of Thrones" looks to break another record -- as the most-awarded series ever, comedy or drama.

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