The Whole TruthCan Keanu Reeves handle the truth?

It looks like he can, in the first trailer for legal drama "The Whole Truth." He plays a defense attorney who takes on the case of a teenage son accused of murdering his father. The evidence clearly implicates the teen, so Reeves builds a defense around the father's alleged domestic abuse against his wife (Renee Zellweger). But did the kid do it? Or did the mom?

Even though he doesn't have all the facts, Reeves is intent: "We stick to the strategy," he tells a stricken Zellweger. Meanwhile, his colleague (Gugu Mbatha-Raw) isn't buying any of it and disapproves of how he's handling the case.

Reeves has been doing good work in an interesting variety of films, including 2014's action hit "John Wick" and this year's "Neon Demon" from Nicholas Winding Refn. This looks like the kind of solid role (a la "Lincoln Lawyer") that helped pave the way for Matthew McConaughey's McConaissance. Maybe a Reevaisance is on the way?

"The Whole Truth" opens in theaters Oct. 21.

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