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When "Jumanji" stars Kevin Hart and Dwayne Johnson revealed the first photo from the upcoming film earlier this week, some fans were confused -- and a little angered -- by costar Karen Gillan's get-up -- or lack thereof. Now, the actress has responded to the uproar over the perceived sexism of her skimpy outfit, promising that there's a specific purpose behind it.

In a Twitter post, Gillan acknowledged that she was wearing "child sized clothes," but stressed, "YES there is a reason" for that costuming choice.

"The pay off is worth it, I promise!" the actress continued.

That echoes similar comments from Johnson, who took to Twitter with a similar message, writing, "Our costumes will all make fun sense soon."

His initial Instagram caption also stressed that Gillan's "jungle wardrobe will make sense when you know the plot. Trust me." The post has since been updated, with a new disclaimer encompassing all the characters pictured.

There have been several theories floating around about what the reasoning behind Gillan's curious, Lara Croft-adjacent look could be, but our favorite is that she is a time-traveling, grown-up version of the first film's young protagonist, Judy Shepherd, transported from the 1990s into the jungle and forced to wear her old clothing (hence Gillan's remarks about "child sized clothes"). And Johnson's reference to "'90s vintage costumes" would certainly suggest a time travel aspect to the plot; Jack Black's character looks like he's from another era entirely (perhaps the 1890s?), so that theory could certainly fit.

All will be revealed when "Jumanji" hits theaters on July 28, 2017.

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