Fox's "Glee" Spring Premiere Soiree - InsideThose who knew Cory Monteith well are Glee" creator who gave Monteith his big break, who just revealed the heartbreaking final words that the actor spoke to him before his untimely passing.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Murphy reflected on his time on "Glee," an experience the showrunner called "the best time in my life and the worst time in my life." While Murphy looks back on some of the behind the scenes drama with disdain, he says that many of the close friendships he forged with his cast remain strong today.

It was Murphy who helped Monteith, who was struggling with substance abuse, get into rehab, and it was that latter action that prompted the actor's haunting last words to Murphy. Their final exchange occurred when Monteith and his girlfriend, fellow "Glee" star Lea Michele, had come to visit Murphy on the set of his HBO film "The Normal Heart."

"We hugged, and the last thing he said was 'I love you, man, and thank you for helping me get better,'" Murphy recalled to EW. "And then the next thing I knew he was dead. It was like losing a child."

Murphy said that he and Michele helped each other through their grief, with Michele citing Murphy as one of her strongest supporters during that difficult time.

"When Cory was alive, Ryan was very helpful in trying to get him well and healthy but, when that day did come, Ryan did take charge, and he helped me more than I can ever explain," Michele told EW.

[via: Entertainment Weekly]

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