We all do this when watching the "Game of Thrones" intro, right? Valyrian steel swords and all?

The wicked talented Queen "Jimmy Kimmel Live" last night, and Kimmel asked her to perform the GoT theme intro, as she had done on Instagram. They are both fans of the HBO show, and Kimmel said he never fast-forwards through the orchestral opening, and even sings along to it -- making up lyrics -- mostly just to annoy his wife. But Chenoweth, a Broadway star, can really belt out those notes, and after Kimmel gave her a Valyrian steel sword to whip around, she gave a full operatic rendition of the theme song:

Super random, but still impressive! And it's definitely a thing to rock out to the intro. You may remember how the then-young stars of GoT sang along with the opening when doing DVD commentary for the first season: Love it. Back to Chenoweth on Kimmel. Earlier in her appearance, while promoting her new album, she admitted she was drunk during a recent appearance on "Match Game." It's probably the best way to get through the show:
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