We've seen "Chance."

In the official trailer for the upcoming series, we see that Laurie's role in the psychological thriller is nothing like his "House" character. As Dr. Eldon Chance, Laurie won't be busy snarking around a hospital; instead, he'll take on the much more dangerous job of trying to protect a patient who potentially has a multiple personality disorder.

The suspenseful trailer shows off just what a risk the forensic neuropsychiatrist takes by getting involved with this patient. Chance finds himself the target of her abusive ex-husband -- a man who happens to be a detective -- and ends up dealing with mistaken identity and police corruption. On top of that, he'll have to deal with a divorce and raise his teenager daughter. Quite a full plate, right?

Watch the dark trailer below.
"Chance" is based on a novel by Kem Nunn. The series hits Hulu on Oct. 19.