EE British Academy Film Awards - Red Carpet ArrivalsBad news for Benicio Del Toro fans may be good news for Boyd Holbrook. Del Toro was negotiating to play the lead in Shane Black's "The Predator" reboot, but he is now out. The scoop comes from The Hollywood Reporter, which added that Holbrook is Fox's choice for the new lead.

Holbrook is not exactly a household name at this point, but he may be on your radar as the new villain in "Logan," the third Wolverine solo movie. He's also known from "Narcos," and maybe "Gone Girl" and "Morgan," to some extent. THR said Fox is "planning on beefing up the supporting cast" to compensate for the loss of an anchor like Del Toro.

Why is Del Toro out? The studio had no comment, but THR noted that his schedule was a challenge from the beginning, and it's implied that they just couldn't make it work -- even after Fox pushed back "The Predator" start date to February to make room for the actor's other projects. Sources told the site scheduling issues creeped up again when Del Toro's other movies (including the sequel to "Sicario" and "Star Wars: Episode VIII") had their own scheduling changes.

The original 1987 "Predator," directed by John McTiernan, starred Arnold Schwarzenegger as a soldier hired by the U.S. government to rescue a group of politicians trapped in Guatemala, only to be hunted by the stealthy title character itself. So "The Predator," scheduled for 2018, was aiming for its own Ahhnold-level action star. Maybe it will help boost Holbrook into the next level of stardom. Unless he drops out from too many other projects, too.

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