Jimmy FallonYou know a haunted house is really scary when it makes you fart!

Jimmy Fallon and Kevin Hart visited New York City's Blood Manor for a "Tonight Show" segment, and watching the two stars scream their heads off is pretty hilarious. At one point, after an encounter with a werewolf, a terrified Hart even admits, "Jimmy, I farted. I passed gas."

The two men sport GoPro cameras, and when they begin their adventure, Hart confidently warns the haunted house denizens, "You can jump out at me if you want to, but you'll get a boo to the neck." Then, they weave their way through chainsaw-wielding monsters, zombies feasting on corpses, creepy arms grabbing at them, and weirdo lunatics rushing at them.

By the end, Hart and Fallon are screaming bloody murder, with the actor yelling, "Let me out!"

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