Could this *be* more eerily perfect?

Just in time for Halloween, a creative "Friends" fan conjured a 16-minute mashup called "The One Where Chandler Dies...," imagining an episode where Chandler Bing (Matthew Perry) dies in an accident with an ice cream truck, then comes back as a glowing green ghost the other friends can't see. It's funny, creepy, strangely moving, and amazingly clever.

Check it out:

Well done, er, "Dogfood"! That's the name of the YouTuber who posted the video, adding this description to reveal the impressive amount of work it took:

"A loving mashup offering an alternate ending to Friends that's at once very bleak, but also existential, spooky and uplifting Originally envisioned at a 90-seconds max. duration, the final cut is just 6 minutes shy of the standard 22-min episode length, contains around 125 FX shots and parts of around 125 episodes of the 236 made."

NBC should seriously make a deal with this YouTuber and air an extended version of the mashup as a special Halloween episode. "Friends" fans are always begging for a reunion episode ... well, here you go! (And it's slightly less depressing than the fan fiction that "Friends" was all in Phoebe's mind.)

[via: Entertainment Weekly]

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