This is bad. Maybe even worse than you expected from "The Walking Dead" Season 7 premiere, because even the characters who aren't killed by Negan have to shuffle around with major survivor's guilt for what happened.



The Spoiling Dead Fans -- which has a long history of accurate spoilers from set sources -- shared details on Sunday's premiere, "The Day Will Come When You Won't Be." They confirmed the two deaths that had been spoiled by actor set sightings, and added more grim details to confirm that, yes, it's going to get even worse after that initial kill.

The biggest takeaways are that...

1. Abraham is the answer to the Season 6 cliffhanger question "Who did Negan kill?"

2. Abraham is not the only one to be killed by Negan, via his baseball bat Lucille. Glenn is also killed, and that's where the Daryl guilt comes in.

You may recall that Daryl was on a mission to find Dwight to get revenge for Denise. That's why he was out there, and why Michonne and Glenn went out to find Daryl before they were all captured. This is Negan's doing, and fans may not blame Daryl for anything, but -- knowing Daryl -- he's going to blame himself for a lot of this.

Here are the details, per TSDF's Q&A with a source:

Q: Who gets Lucilled?

A: Abe & then Glenn.

Q: Why does Negan kill the second victim?

A: Daryl gets angry because Negan taunts a crying Rosita. So he tries to get up and go at Negan. Negan has to prove he means what he says.

Q: Do we actually see the bashing? If so, when?

A: Yes. The episode should start just after the bashing occurs. That's what we see in the sneak peek. About 20 minutes in, we should jump back to just before that and see how it happens. Then we will catch back up to present time.

There's more -- AMC had a sneak peek showing Rick threatening Negan, and Negan dragging him into an RV. Turns out, Rick does not lose his hand, as his character did earlier in the comic book, but what happens is even more sinister, in a way, and involves Carl Grimes:

Q: What happens to Rick in the RV?

A: A lot of mind games from Negan. No physical injury to Rick by Negan although Negan does toss him into a small herd of walkers.

Q: Does anything happen to Carl?

A: Negan tells Rick he must chop Carl's arm off so that he'll truly realize Negan is in control. Rick eventually becomes resigned to do it but at the last second, Negan stops him. Mind f*ck complete.

That is cold. And if you weren't traumatized enough, there's this:

Q: What's the deal with the whole "dream sequence" thing?

A: There are a few moments where Rick flashes to a non-existent future where Glenn and Abe are still alive and the entire group, including Maggie & Glenn's baby, are around the dinner table. (As well as a pregnant Sasha with Abe. *sad face*)

Wow. And we know the other AMC sneak peek showed Dwight wearing Daryl's jacket, so that's confiscated at some point. You have to know Daryl is going to blame himself for at least part of this, and Rick is going to blame himself for the rest. Rick gave the OK to go after the Saviors with very little information. And almost cutting off Carl's arm?! Man. There's no coming back from that guilt and shame. He won't be able to look Mini Grimes in his one eye for a while.

Poor Abe. And Glenn. They don't even get their own death episodes. Technically, Abe is getting Glenn's comic book death. Glenn is getting his own Lucille death probably just as a surprise to keep fans on their toes. And it's possible fans will leave the episode focusing more on Daryl than either guy. That would be a tragedy on its own.

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